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Fire and Soot Damage



Absolute Restoration's team knows that every second counts after a fire loss. We understand that even after the fire is over, damage can still take place. Waiting for corrosion control and emergency cleaning services can greatly increase the damage to your loss.      

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Absolute Restoration's team immediately takes action to your home or business to secure the property and stabilize your building and its contents. A project manager will work closely with you and your insurance company to get you back to pre-loss conditions. 

- 24/7 Emergency Service

- Emergency Board-ups

- Emergency Power

- Demolition

- Odor Control & Encapsulation

- Structure & Content Cleaning

- Fast Acting Water Extraction

- Pack-Out & Content Storage    



Have you  experiences a Puff Back in your home?

Furnace puff back is a messy and potentially dangerous 

event in which smoke and soot are released into the furnace.

Puff backs often result in oily black "webs" of soot

being distributed throughout the house, requiring extensive

cleaning from a  professional restoration team. We do not recommend cleaning soot on your own.