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"The White Carpet Test"

So, for a couple of years now Pat and I have been struggling with getting the beige berber carpet in our family room cleaned. We have brought in so called professionals that have cleaned it but could not remove the stains and it still looked dingy. We have even gotten on our hands and knees and scrubbed until we couldn't scrub anymore. Well, every time my loving brother, Frank Urciuoli from Absolute Restoration,  would come over and comment on how his guys could get this cleaned, I would always replay "go ahead and try but nothing works! Even Google couldn't help me to get this carpet cleaned". Well, today he sent his guys over. The left side, I am ashamed to say is the before, and the right side is only the 1st pass. His crew is AWESOME. It is cleaner then when we bought the house! I highly recommend them for anyone struggling with getting there carpets cleaned.

Lisa Downey

Middleboro, MA

"The Real Deal"

Absolute Restoration has restored my faith in companies that claim to be experts in their field. I have hired contractors and experts in home repair in the past and have never been satisfied with their ethics or their work. After discovering black mold in our kitchen I made a few phone calls to companies that dealt with that stuff. Frank from Absolute was one of the few that got back to me and the only one I felt comfortable with. I made the decision to contract with Absolute. He came out to assess the damage when he said he would. He and his guys did the work they said they would. He finished on time and the quality of his work was fantastic. Frank also helped me work with my insurance company to settle what was fair for me not my insurance company. I highly recommend Absolute Restoration and would not hesitate to use them again.

Steve Ward

Taunton, MA


 These guys are AMAZING! The house we bought had been owned by a woman who smoked and had cats! We started to clean and realized it was beyond our ability. Frank and his crew came in and cleaned, deodorized, primed EVERYTHING..even the floor...and did a perfect job of painting everything. I had a different contractor doing other renovations but eventually fired them for numerous reasons. Frank and the guys came back to finish up some painting and when he saw some of the issues created by the other contractor he was amazed. Most contractors would have finished what they were contracted to do and be on their way. Not Frank. He said he couldn't just walk away and leave us stuck with all these issues. He had a busy schedule but managed to find time to correct all the problems. I can't thank him enough for "rescuing" us. Because of Frank and his crew we are off to a great start in our new home.
Michael Bowes  

Carver, MA

"Highly Recommended"

We had the unfortunate experience of having over 80% of our home affected by water damage caused by "ice dams" from the winter snow last year. We had to move out of our home for close to 1yr in order to have all the repairs done. Frank from Absolute, came in and did all the moisture testing and advised us what needed to be done . We contacted a Private Adjustor and he and Frank worked closely together. Due to our home being over 100 years old, there were many issues we encountered that required Frank to do "extra" work in keeping very updated claims with the insurance company as the project was not a black and white problem. There were many problems that overlapped and Frank had to be on top of separating what needed to be repaired due to the ice damage and what needed to be upgraded due to code issues. His crew was very efficient in their work and very pleasant to work with. Frank was always available to answer any questions we had and was accommodating to fit us into his schedule when we required attention to something. I certainly would (and have) recommend his company to anyone needing the services his company offers.
Nancy D.

Taunton, MA

"Absolute Restoration Cleans Up A Mess"

When my 3 tenement rental property was flooded with backup sewage, Absolute Restoration stepped in and cleaned up the problem.  A few months back on a routine visit to one of my properties I found 6 inches of raw sewage in the basement.  Not knowing where to turn I called Absolute Restoration and Frank was on the scene within 30 minutes.  The Absolute Restoration team was able to remove the sewage, and with their specialized equipment they eliminated the odor and restored living conditions in less than 24 hours. The basement floor in this apartment building was dirt, adding another problem to the 6 inches of sewage.  After the sewage was pumped out of the basement, the dirt needed to be removed from the floor and the walls needed to be cleaned with specific chemicals.  The Absolute Restoration team got the job done and installed plastic and lime, part of the code for treating a sewage spill.  The team provided a new cement floor making the basement better than it was before. I have Absolute Restoration’s telephone number stored in my phone and posted in each building, in the event there is another disaster needing clean up.


Stew B.
Lakeville, MA

"Clean and Courteous"

Frank and his team did a great job with the ice dam mitigation work we needed done in several rooms throughout our house. They removed all the damaged walls, floors and insulation, cleaning up as they worked, making sure we were not left with lots of dust or clean up! Frank and his team then went on to do our rebuild. They did a wonderful job and I really appreciate the concern and respect they had for our home!

Nicole T.

Wareham, MA